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Pelham Funeral Home in New York provides families with exceptional service, unique tributes, and customized funeral experiences. We are devoted to share your loved one’s story for the final time. Understanding that this is a most difficult time for relatives and friends, The Pelham Life Celebration® staff will guide you along to create a memorable and personal service, without creating undue burden.

Testimonial 6

"I am not normally motivated to write reviews,  good or bad, about products or establishments. I am making an exception due to the wonderful experience that my family had with Pelham Funeral Home for my father-in-law. He died suddenly and we were forced to look around for a funeral home while we were still in shock from the prior evening. Pelham Funeral Home was the sixth place we looked at, and honestly we were ready to pick another establishment. However, we were so impressed with the celebration of life philosophy that PFH espouses that we didn't need to think twice once we saw it and spoke to Clive, the owner. The entire experience, start to finish, was as wonderful as you could expect from such a somber event. So many people that attended the funeral commented to us how they inexplicably had such a wonderful experience. Even the chaplain that was recommended to speak at the service, Reverend Lothrop, was wonderful, as advertised. Let me provide a few details to give you an idea:

  • You are provided access to the entire facility, not just a single room with the coffin. The home is in a nice neighborhood in Pelham with a nice feel.
  • One of the two main rooms is dedicated to the 'life celebration'. A video montage with music (that we had suggested my father in law liked) was playing in one corner. Several large photo montages were included. We were also encouraged to bring our own photo frames, and even other memorabilia that was important. For example, we brought wrestling figures since my father in law liked WWE, which ended up being great for the kids who came.
  • It was nice to be able to alternate between the room with the coffin and the 'life celebration' room - you had the opportunity to pay your respects, then spend some time understanding what the person was like.
  • Clive was awesome through the whole experience - he helped make the funeral planning as much of a positive experience as it could be,  because we focused on the good things that we wanted to remember.

All in all - I could not provide a stronger recommendation."

- Brian B of East Bronx, New York