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Pelham Funeral Home in New York provides families with exceptional service, unique tributes, and customized funeral experiences. We are devoted to share your loved one’s story for the final time. Understanding that this is a most difficult time for relatives and friends, The Pelham Life Celebration® staff will guide you along to create a memorable and personal service, without creating undue burden.

Testimonial 2

"My mom recently passed away, and I assume I would be inundated with several tasks.  Pelham Funeral Home's staff coordinated all tasks seamlessly, and I virtually didn't have to lift a finger except to provided the necessary items the funeral home requested.

My mom's viewing and funeral service was outstanding. Pictures of my mom were elegantly placed in the viewing room.  The folks attending the viewing were impressed with the pamphlets they were given. Also heading to the cemetery and the plot burial was well organized.

Thank you, Pelham Funeral Home for patiently taking the time to provide outstanding service. It is greatly appreciated by my family and me."

- Shaun D. of Mount Vernon, New York