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Pelham Funeral Home in New York provides families with exceptional service, unique tributes, and customized funeral experiences. We are devoted to share your loved one’s story for the final time. Understanding that this is a most difficult time for relatives and friends, The Pelham Life Celebration® staff will guide you along to create a memorable and personal service, without creating undue burden.

Testimonial 5

"My family have lived in lower Westchester for almost fifty years, and so when my Mom died suddenly this December, I had to make arrangements from my home in Minnesota, so you can imagine the powerful mixture of denial, grief, and confusion as I searched for a funeral home on the Web with the goal of taking possession of Mom's body as fast as possible from the hospital.

I searched in Bronxville, Scarsdale, and Pelham, with the first two based on recommendations and Pelham based on my Mom's longstanding relationships in the town.  I called Pelham Funeral Home and quickly got a call back from Clive Anderson, the owner, who took over the Pelham Funeral Home in February 2014.  He was calm, patient and spoke in language that was attentive to my emotions.

On a Saturday afternoon, he promised that he would "bring Mom home" and let me know the moment she arrived at Pelham Funeral Home.  He personally called me back exactly as promised, where I had expected an associate to handle this.  It was comforting to know that the owner of the business was actively and personally involved in preparing my Mom's funeral.
Clive took my siblings and I through a call lasting almost two hours in which he laid out in great detail every choice and step in the process of creating a celebration of Mom's life and memories for the family and all of her friends.

On very short notice, we had family coming in from Canada, France, Texas, Western New York State, NYC and Westchester.  Things were hectic and chaotic. Clive's recommendation of two viewing sessions with a break in between for the family was brilliant; it allowed friends to plan around their schedules and gave the family a chance to have a nice dinner together to recharge and to remember why they were there.

The atmosphere of PFH is like a comfortable home, and there was room to move around and for conversation circles to form in different configurations, e.g. chairs, couches, around video screens which really showed off well the photos the family curated from our collection and wove into a nice arc of Mom's life.  Clive personally guided us through this process, and I have never experienced anything like this in all of the funerals I have attended over the years for my friends.

His staff are all well trained and attentive to the model that PFH advertises.  They deliver what they advertise.

Mom's funeral Mass was held at St. Catherine Church in Pelham, and here again Clive is so well known in the Pelham community that helped us make good decisions about the celebrant, music and prayers.  His personal involvement continued start to finish.
I like to ask questions and to understand the basis for costs, services and options.  Feel free to ask Clive anything you want.. He will explain everything patiently until you feel comfortable.  When emotions are raw and energy depleted, this compassionate service is extremely valuable.  

Every one of our family felt that we gave Mom a sendoff and remembrance that was fully worthy of the life she led.  That is the best a family can expect, and we appreciate the commitment Clive and his team showed to supporting the family in a difficult time."

- Eapen C. of Eden Prairie, Minnesota